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Welcome to Alliance of Wealth's Website.
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Rank Changes

Deblock, Jul 24, 11 6:28 PM.
We are changing how the rank system works. Please direct any concerns or suggestions to a Director or above.

Banking Regulations changes

Deblock, Jul 24, 11 6:26 PM.
Items in the Guild bank will now only be given to a member who either buys them (price will be less than the AH price) or by trading materials equal to the item's value.

Wrath Raids!

Kieve4, Jul 24, 11 5:58 PM.
Alliance of Wealth is putting together raids to go into both Ulduar and Icecrown Citadel to get the mount related achievements before Blizz decides to remove them from the game entirely. Raid nights will be Wednesdays and Saturdays. Please contact Kieve ASAP to get a spot in the group if you are interested. She will need to know:
1.) What day you want to raid (you can do both)
2.) What time is best for you
3.) What toon you would like to run (and spec if a multi-use class)
4.) Which raid you want to run if you have a preference.

It looks so far as if we have enough interest to run for the 25-Man achievements, but if we do not have enough, we will simply run the 10-Man versions. A post will be started in the Forum with video links, and information and rules.
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